Cool rinsing

So many of my clients come to me saying their ends are feeling dry, their color seems to be fading more quickly and they feel they arent reaping the full benefits of their conditioner. My sole suggestion? COLD WATER.

Most of us see the “cool” button on our blow dryers, and have no clue of its use. Some also know rising their face with cool water closes their pores…well, both of these can be tied to your hair, and its condition!

Warm showers, especially this time of year are amazing! However, weather and season changes dry us out, so adapting this habit is even more crucial.

Your new shower routine:

Shampoo your hair, as usual with warm water. (Remember, shampoos purpose is to cleanse your scalp, this is where you want to concentrate the product!)
The warm water helps break down the oils.

Next, with conditoner in hand..focus this solely on your ENDS. Applying conditoner near the scalp depleats volume, and creates a build up. With conditoner still in, go about the rest of your shower duties…when it comes time to rinse, cool down that water
and wash out that product. This will help close down the cuticle of your hair, and lock that amazing moisture into your locks. You’ll get more from your conditoner & color, and over time will help manage your “frizz”. Picture your hair cuticle like mini blinds, when your cuticle is open and ruffed up…..they’ll be like a fan blowing up the opposite direction of the blinds. Gross, eh? This is where the “cool” button on your dryer comes in handy as well. To complete your look after your blow out…cool down that air and direct that air down to make hair appear shiney, smooth and managable!

Hope this helps dolls…but please dont picture punching me when that cool water hits,
your hair will appreciate it 😉

to chillin’ out,


The BEST gift to give your locks..AND ITS FREE!

Winter weather showing visible drying on your hair? Want to give your hair a sweet gift that’s within an exhausted budget? Here’s natures gift to your hair and skin, that benefits you ALL YEAR LONG!


Did you know that your body naturally produces a moisturizer and a protectant for your hair and skin? Did you know this naturally occurring gift can make your hair shiny, healthy and hydrated? And lastly, did you know you commonly strip these goodies from you hair daily? OUCH!

Our scalps naturally produce a sebum-fatty acids from our sebaceous glands. We have all experienced the “dirty hair” feeling, or an “oily” look to our strands..this is the sebum in excess. However, when managed correctly it naturally guards our hair from over drying and assists in prevention of absorbtion of external elements.

Each one of us have a certain comfort level in the cleansing of our hair. I know some of my clients can go days without a weighed down, oily feel to their hair..others it seems can only last a matter of hours..however the thing we have in common is each of us should be taking advantage of natures best conditioner!

Your gift to your locks

Go into your drawer and take our a natural bristle brush. Take your hair down, and work in 1 inch sections..brush these bristles against your scalp down to your ends. This will distribute the sebum from roots to ends, and enrich your midshaft with this great moisturizer! Along with protecting your strands it doubles as a great scalp simulator. (Which assists with oil and new growth production.) Wo Who!

Keep in mind, keeping your scalp cleansed IS important! My favorite Shampoo?

Paul Mitchell’s Awapuhi Shampoo Why? It keeps in moisture which doing it’s primary purpose…TO CLEANSE THE SCALP! The Hawaiian grown awapuhi locks in natural moisture. LOVE<3 Also, remember…no matter how hard it is this time of year…stick with your COOL RINSING routine.

Happy Locks, and Happy Holidays!!


Brittany Michele

HOT hair

Hair that reflects light, locks in color and styles with ease…who wouldn’t go the extra mile for HEALTHY HAIR?!

Todays issue..Our LOVE of hot irons, and the effects on our locks..

Using heat to your hair everyday will eventually wear on your strands,  leaving them exposed and injured. Imagine that intense heat being one on one against your hair, unprotected! OUCH!!

Obviously our obsession for dressing hair will not be dismissed, but our precautions must now be incorporated into our daily routines with our saving grace:  THERMAL HEAT PROTECTANTS!

Lets gaurd against those nasty burns and create a barrier from the heat, and burn off. My station and travel case are NEVER without my Enjoy gem.

Non-sticky, heat activated thermal protection serves as a working and finishing spray while adding incredible shine.

Hold 6-8 inches away from head. Apply spray and style as desired. For use with flat irons, hot rollers and curling irons. Liberally spray each section before applying. When desired style is achieved, spray entire style holding bottle 8-10 inches away.

Happy, healthy hair dressing little sweeties 🙂