Beauty Sleep


“Beauty sleep” – it’s actually SCIENCE!

Did you know….

  • In order for our skin (& body) to restore and detoxify we should be getting 7-9 hours of rest every night ?
  • Our whole body including our SKIN goes in repair mode every night when we’re catching our ZzZ’s ?
  • Its suggested to improve our skin we set a sleep rhythm and aim to go to bed and wake around the same time daily ?
  • Lack of sleep causes skin cells to dilate causing dark circles ?
  • Skins collagen production is done primarily at night while resting?
  • We should try to sleep on our back & invest in silk pillow cases to cause less friction aiding in less hair tangling/pulling (and helps the longevity of blow outs) + assists in less creases, skin stretching and wrinkles in the skin?


What Happens While You Sleep

For the healthiest skin, you need seven to nine hours of zzz’s. Here’s why.

First Three Hours
You get the deepest sleep of the night. Your body produces the most human growth hormone, which is crucial to skin and hair repair, during this time

Middle Two Hours
Deep sleep shortens and rapid eye movement (REM) sleep begins. Melatonin, a hormone that’s also a skin-protecting antioxidant, increases.

Last Three Hours
This is when you get the most REM sleep. Your skin’s temperature reaches its lowest point and your muscles relax, giving skin its deepest recovery

(source: fitness magazine)

Having problems getting into dream land? My favorite tips!

  • Have a set bed time and stick to it! Having a routine allows your body to adapt to an enteral clock.
  • Chamomile tea definitely gets me into sleepy mode.  It has a natural mild’ll help ease you off to bedtime quicker than the sand man! (Plus, the warm tea in general helps relax me. It’s a beautiful combo!)
  • And, lastly…my FAVORITE products that aid in my beauty sleep AND smell I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E. You NEED this line!


I have the candle, pillow mist, body spray, lotion and lip moisturizer. I can’t go without these products from Bath & Body Works.

So ladies- cleanse, tone, moisturize, slip into high-count bed sheets and let that pretty little head of yours hit your silk pillow case and get your rest…your skin will thank you!




Published by Brittany Michele

CAREER: Ive been blessed with almost 16+ years of professionally building a life doing what I love. My passion for art translated to beauty when I began my journey at Paul Mitchell The School at the age of 18. From there I have worked as a personal assistant under a celebrity stylist, an educator for Paul Mitchell, a freelance hair and make up artist working on photo shoots, runway shows, weddings and TV, and have maintained my own chair in a salon for over 5 years. Im a firm believer if you love what you do, you honestly never work a day in your life. I embody this in my everyday and am so thankful for the talents I have been given. I love what I do, I love who I do it for, and I love who I do it with!

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