Get your BEST hair EVER!

I have so many friends and clients asking how they can get healthier, fuller hair. It all “stems” from the simple notion..healthy scalp = healthy hair!


The scalp is the root to healthy strands. Treat it right, and all will be in good condition! Simple tips to assist in a healthy head of hair:

  • Brush your hair EACH time before you wash it : This loosens up any dirt and oils built up in the hair. I recommend a natural bristle brush: begin brushing one inch from the base of the scalp in small sections. Proceed inward to the scalp and finishing out through the strand. This breaks up any product and build up at the scalp while stimulating it before cleansing and conditioning. Massage your noggin’!  *Stimulating your scalp promotes natural hair growthWIN!

  • Using a Shampoo that includes Mint 1x a week for added cleansing. Shampoos that contain mint such as tea tree create a “tingle” on the scalp. These tingles invigorate your scalp and promote healthy hair growth through scalp stimulation.  *My favorite is always Paul Mitchell’s Special Tea Tree Shampoo.

  • Cool rinsing while removing your conditioner. ALWAYS! : This helps close the cuticle to lock in moisture and prolong color retention.*=’s SHINY hair 
  • Remove as much water as possible from your hair before leaving the shower. Wring out excess water in the same motion as if it were a washcloth. Take the ponytail of hair in one hand, twist and wring. This reinforces the cuticle being smoothed down while cutting drying time and heat exposure. After exiting the shower, repeat this motion with a towel wrapped around the hair. *Avoid wrapping the hair in a towel and placing on the top of your head. As convenient as this may be, it leads to stress on the hair and the scalp and leaves cuticles open to being ruffed up.
  • Lastly.. Comb, DONT BRUSH through wet hair! Brushing through wet hair leads to causing breakage. Combs are much more sensitive and you can feel your knots. Work from ENDS to ROOTS, and be patient. Brushing through those bad boys may seem to save time in regards to the morning crunch, but it will lead to breaking hair strands and dealing with the splitting for months to come.

Be patient, be consistent and take care that scalp! 

To happy hairs and super scalps,

Brittany Michele


Published by Brittany Michele

CAREER: Ive been blessed with almost 16+ years of professionally building a life doing what I love. My passion for art translated to beauty when I began my journey at Paul Mitchell The School at the age of 18. From there I have worked as a personal assistant under a celebrity stylist, an educator for Paul Mitchell, a freelance hair and make up artist working on photo shoots, runway shows, weddings and TV, and have maintained my own chair in a salon for over 5 years. Im a firm believer if you love what you do, you honestly never work a day in your life. I embody this in my everyday and am so thankful for the talents I have been given. I love what I do, I love who I do it for, and I love who I do it with!

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