Eating for Beauty-Part 1

Hydrating VS. Moisturizing


Eating healthy, vitamin dense foods is amazing for weight loss & good overall health..but did you know it’s crucial for the condition of your skin as well?

Hydrating and moisturizing are two very different things. Hydration is getting water into your skin cells while moisturizers are used to lock it in. (Think of good skin as working from the inside, out.)

How do you hydrate your skin?

  • #1-Drinking water. Lots & lots of water!
  • Getting in fish oil & flaxseed oil supplements. (Which are a staple in my daily intake for good overall health.)
  • Eating water rich fruits & veggies.

What fruits & veggies contain the most hydrating benefits?


  • Watermelon. (92% water)
  • Strawberries. (92% water)
  • Cantaloupe. (90% water)
  • Peaches . (88% water)


  • Cucumber. (96% water)
  • Lettuce. (96% water)
  • Zucchini. (95% water)
  • Radish. (95% water)
  • Celery. (95% water)

I see this theory of skin health & eating as a win-win! Get in your water, supps & fruits and veggies & literally watch how GLOWING your skin will look!


Brittany Michele

PS. One of my favorite ways to get in my water? Health & Fitness blogger The Skinny Report Daily’s  Chia Water! (Pictured above) Happy Hydrating!




Published by Brittany Michele

CAREER: Ive been blessed with almost 16+ years of professionally building a life doing what I love. My passion for art translated to beauty when I began my journey at Paul Mitchell The School at the age of 18. From there I have worked as a personal assistant under a celebrity stylist, an educator for Paul Mitchell, a freelance hair and make up artist working on photo shoots, runway shows, weddings and TV, and have maintained my own chair in a salon for over 5 years. Im a firm believer if you love what you do, you honestly never work a day in your life. I embody this in my everyday and am so thankful for the talents I have been given. I love what I do, I love who I do it for, and I love who I do it with!

5 thoughts on “Eating for Beauty-Part 1

  1. I’ve been trying to find ways to keep my skin from getting dry, and I’ve ended up just putting more and more moisturizer on every day. This helped me understand the concept of taking care of the inside & the outside, so thank you!

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