Victorian Mansion Shoot: Teaser

There’s nothing more magical than the hills of Rancho Santa Fe & Del Mar- the beautiful landscape, the architecture of perfectly designed homes, oh…and my favorite model & photographer for a Victorian inspired shoot this past Tuesday! GLORIOUS!

Final images will be posted soon, I just wanted to share a couple behind the scenes teasers (taken with iPhones!)..because A this shoot was tastefully HOT and B yours truly had her mugg in a few shots, The mansion was BEAUTIFUL & the day could not have been anymore perfect.





& lastly, one with me and my favorite gal!Image

Enjoy & stay connected for final shots!



hair & make up: Brittany Michele

Model: Ashlee

Photography: Jay Warren

*The mansion provided for us is looking for ROOMATES– click for deets ❤


Published by Brittany Michele

CAREER: Ive been blessed with almost 16+ years of professionally building a life doing what I love. My passion for art translated to beauty when I began my journey at Paul Mitchell The School at the age of 18. From there I have worked as a personal assistant under a celebrity stylist, an educator for Paul Mitchell, a freelance hair and make up artist working on photo shoots, runway shows, weddings and TV, and have maintained my own chair in a salon for over 5 years. Im a firm believer if you love what you do, you honestly never work a day in your life. I embody this in my everyday and am so thankful for the talents I have been given. I love what I do, I love who I do it for, and I love who I do it with!

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