DIY Peppermint Sugar Body Scrub

The holidays are such a magical time of year! Family, gift giving, baking, Christmas trees and joyous songs…oh, and shopping budgets, crowded malls, hours spent traveling and endless gift wrapping…finding yourself stressed? In need of a little “you” time that … Continue reading

How to look your BEST in Holiday Pictures!

This time of year calls for festivities, fun times and plenty of photographs! Here’s a couple quick, easy tips to look tip top in every snap shot!

1. I know its SO hard, especially when there are outrageous amounts of food to be feasted on…but try to avoid salty food and alcohol (in excess). These will dehydrate  your skin, cause bloating and promote puffy eyes. 

2. Stay on top of exfoliating several times a week and be sure to wear moisturizing masks to bed. Cameras capture things our mirrors may lie to us about. Focus on appearing fresh, clean and hydrated! CLICK HERE FOR A GOOD DIY SCRUB!

3. This one is VITAL! Get plenty of water, fruits and vegetables! These good, nutrient rich foods both assist in maintaining a balanced diet as well promoting your skins health and “glow”!

4. In order to get those great holiday lips in fun shades of red, pink and nude..our pucker needs to be attended to as well.  Exfoliate and keep chapstick handy..this winter weather can take its toll! CLICK HERE FOR A DIY  LIP SCRUB!

5. Lastly…if you know you have an event or family pictures where looking groomed is a must..have your eyebrows shaped 1-2 days prior if tweezing and 1 week prior if waxing. The tiniest hairs will be removed and will cause make up to not lay right. Any irritation should subside by the time you have to flash those pearly whites,

Say, “cheese”!,