Golden Globes 2014 Red Carpet

Ahh, finally…Award Season is upon us! Last night was the start of gawking over glamorous designer dresses, runway inspired hair styles and forecasts of trending make up looks- HEAVEN! (I know I cant be the only one ❤ )

Who stood out to you on last nights red carpet? What trends did you notice?

My review:


  • Undone updo’s- last nights “do’s” were far from finished and polished. Teased and loosely pinned, simple and borderline “bed head chic”. Even smoothed locks included obvious fly aways regardless of HD coverage. Refreshing to the average girl, and attainable by the most novice styler.

tatiana-maslany-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet 2014-golden-globes-lead-600x450

  • Slick, straight hair. A style not easily pulled off but sported by Hayden Panettiere and Kelly Osbourne.


  • Short cuts! Obsessed-nothing showcases a woman’s face like a great cut like these ladies!

golden-globes-2014-best-dressed-lupita-nyongo__oPt jennifer-lawrence-golden-globe-2014-premio

Make Up

  • Make up was fresh, light and dewy. I saw a couple stars pull for a bolder eye or pop of color (some hits, some misses) but for the most part  make up was kept clean and classic. (Just how I like it!)

Amber-Heard-at-the-Golden-Globes-1200x1800 mila_kunis_sofia_vergara_embed Sandra-Bullock-Golden-Globes-Awards-2014

My stand out star of 2014 Golden Globe Awards is…..Drum roll please…..

<h2> Margot Robbie !</h2>

This ladies & gents is how I envision Hollywood Glamour !

She was dazzling in her white Gucci Dress, side swept hair and simple make up. She is officially on the top of my “who to watch for in 2014” list! FLAWLESS!





+ close runners up ❤

embedded_Sofia_Vergara_2014_Golden_Globe_Awards taylor-swift-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet julia-roberts-golden-globes-2014-red-carpet


Anyone else excited to see how last night’s red carpet  forecasts how the Grammys & Oscars will look?

Oh, FASHION- adore you!






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