Get glowing hair & skin with ONE product…NATURALLY!

This blog has been a long time coming. I try EVERY DIY recipe, make up product, hair technique etc before sharing it with my lovies to ensure it’s something, as a professional, I endorse. I have been using this miracle gem for a couple of months now, have seen obvious improvement and believe every follower, male or female should incorporate this oil into your world!

Get in your car, put on your seatbelt and head directly to your local health food store and pick up  VIRGIN COCONUT OIL. (For full benefit make sure it’s virgin coconut oil that is made from fresh, organic coconut, without any chemicals and heating process. This will guarantee you don’t have and adverse reactions!)

Pacific Islanders have used coconut oil for ages, and believe it shields them from sun damage and infection! They rub it on their children from day one, and everyday from then on out! Despite their constant exposure to tropical sun, there is little prevalence of skin cancer in this region. WOW!

Without skin-care “geeking out”, Im going to give you the basic run down of why this product is more effective than over the counter products.

  • Coconut oil is very similar to our bodies naturally produced Sebum, which is vital for our skins health.
  • Most skincare moisturizers we buy in the store containing mostly water. These products do penetrate our skin, however the effects are temporary and do not provide repair to damaged skin. Coconut oil is able to get into deeper layers to protect, repair and restore!
  • When applied to hair it can penetrate strands for lasting conditioning, and enhance scalp health.

When applied topically, what coconut oil can help YOU with!

  • moisturizing skin, lips and hair
  • relief of sun burns
  • skin disease treatment (like psoriasis)
  • blemish treatment
  • dandruff
  • mix with sunscreen for tanning
  • insect bites
My routine.
After thoroughly removing my make up and cleansing my skin, I apply Witch Hazel to tone, then rub coconut oil all over my face, lips and neck. Yes, it feels “greasy” at first..and yes your face will be ultra shiney…however when you awake from your beauty sleep, your entire face will be SO hydrated, refreshed and SOFT! You can FEEL your skin soak in all that natural goodness.
As a blonde, I need every ounce of moisture I can get. Once a week (or more) I massage my scalp and strands with the oil, throw it up in a bun and shampoo it out the next morning. Such an amazing, easy conditioning treatment.
I’m so excited for you all to try this natural gem, and reap all the benefits of this tropical gift.
To Nature’s miracle gift,

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