Cure for Winter Dry Lips- NATURALLY!

Face it, winter is a love hate for most of us…even here in Southern California we enjoy some chillier temps and occasional scarfs & boots AND the dreaded winter dry out! eee…our skin, hair & lips face their roughest months this time of year. This simple DIY recipe takes only minutes & your lips will thank you for the TLC with evenly applied lip sticks & glosses, exfoliated top layer & a hydrated pout. Enjoy xo



  • Natural honey
  • Granulated Brown Sugar
  • Olive Oil


  • Mix honey and sugar together. You don’t need much, just enough to coat.
  • Apply to lips – let sit for 2 minutes. (it does taste yummy-but keep it on your lips!) 😉
  • In a circular motion, rub remaining mixture off of lips.
  • Once removed, apply olive oil like you would gloss. Allow to soak.


  • Sugar acts as a natural abrasive, exfoliating off the dead, chapped layer of skin.
  • Honey has anti bacterial properties, is non allergenic and adheres perfectly to lips.
  • Olive Oil is naturally hydrating, giving your lips a strong dose of moisture. It is non allergenic and is soothing to your dried out skin.
  • You can expect lips to feel smoother, less wrinkling in appearance and lip color to stay on longer and more vividly.

I recommend doing this a couple times a week. Be gentle, treat yourself well & most of all- SMILE!



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