Promise yourself hair that SHINES in 2013!

Happy 2013! I hope the new year has greeted you each with sunshine, smiles & a huge EMPOWERED hug!

With this near chapter just beginning, make a vow to yourself to treat your locks well. Here’s the first DIY recipe for 2013, and it’s the exact one that graced my very own hair on New Year’s Day. It’s simple, inexpensive & will help you fight that winter frizz- ENJOY!





  • Evenly distribute mayonnaise through dry, cleansed hair.
  • Comb product through, being generous with excess on the ends.
  • Apply a shower cap (or plastic wrap) -leave on for 30 minutes.
  • Rinse, & shampoo out well.


  • This inexpensive, refrigerator staple actually acts as an AMAZING conditioning treatment to your hair. Why? It primarily consists of oil, eggs & vinegar; all of which have great properties to improving the health of your hair.
  • Winter months make us all more prone to dryness & dandruff. The rich concentration of oil in mayonnaise will hydrate, make hair more manageable and reduce your fight with frizz.

Apply this easy “mask” once a week, and be proactive in the health of your hair this year!

Excited to see what this year brings!



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