How could a gal not get excited to work with a clothing line who has based their entire company on the idea of solitude with values that are deeply rooted in the principles of CHARACTER, INTEGRITY, LOYALTY, and HONOR!? I had the pleasure of working for True Honor, styling hair and doing make up for the models of their official 2011 catalog. It was a fun filled day , and photos were shot at a beautiful home in the hills of Fallbrook, CA. The talented photographers of Studio 7A captured incredible pictures, and everyone at True Honor was such a pleasure to work with.

This Carlsbad based company, who is quickly becoming WORLD WIDE, has incredible clothing for both men and women with all designs representing the ancient belief that honor is the highest self-respect for merit, worth or rank, as well as honesty, integrity and distinction. I personally LOVE their women’s t-shirt..they fit like a glove. Keep an eye out, I love the message behind this with honor is ALWAYS in style! 🙂

Clothing: True Honor

Photography: Studio 7a

Hair & Make up: Brittany Michele

To living the dream,

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